Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Still Here

It's hard to believe based on the infrequency of my posts, but I am still here.


Unfortunately, so is SUMMER.

It's been so hot here. It's not unusual for the first days of Autumn to be warm. In fact, it's expected in these parts. But triple digit temperatures? Ick. So that kinda leaves me not in the mood for blogging. Or anything, really.

I did attempt to make some cookies last week. I took pictures and will be telling you about it soon. I promise.

I promise! :)


Crash Course Widow said...

Nice to see you back! Missed you! And I'm sooooooooo ready for this hot weather to GO GOODBYE until next spring! Give me rain and chilly, crisp fall days, thank you very much!


Mom Wald said...

I'm a big fan of morning glories and love your shot. We have the opposite problem here. It's called "frozen barren wasteland", or winter in WI. Our autumns are lovely, but you always know it's lurking around the corner...