Friday, July 29, 2011

Lazy Days

It's been a slow, lazy summer.

fridge magnets

It's been wonderful. It gives me time to look around, to enjoy the little those cute refrigerator magnets.


Well, that's something I don't enjoy seeing. I wish those things would wash themselves. Oh wait, they do. All I have to do is put them in the dishwasher. When I said it's been a lazy summer, I meant it ;)

mostly red...

Of course, a slow, lazy summer has left me a bit uninspired when it comes to taking pictures.

rainbow spools

Not that I've ever been too incredibly inspired before, but you know what I mean.


Random shots from around the house are as interesting as it gets around here these days. And I am A-OK with that.


Bex said...

Cool pics! I love your thread collection and all the great colors. Also loving the decor on the walls! How can you not be inspired looking at all that?

Julie said...

Oooh your walls are wonderful! :)
I haven't been inspired to take many pictures either.

kittykill said...

I LOVE your walls!

Becky said...

OK now I want to see more! Love your display!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

At least there is a HAPPY little face in the sink! Your home is just adorable! It reminds me a little bit of Sara's house over at Anyone Can Quilt. Have you been there? I think you would LOVE her blog!


Sarah Belle said...

Yes, that was a Pretty in Pink cross stitch you saw on my blog! I just had to comment here because I LOVE your wall of cuteness!! It makes want to go home and hang stuff.

greenbeanbaby said...

wow, you show so much love!!!! <3 a beautiful house!!!