Saturday, July 11, 2009

Betty Chased the Blues Away, Part Two

Feeling low?

Bake these cheesecake bars. Guaranteed to make you smile. :)


They're easy to make.


And even easier to eat.

yummy yum


yummy in my tummy

Especially when you eat them off of your great-grandparents' old Fire King dishes.

yum yummy

Yum. :)


Crash Course Widow said...

Damn u!! You're mean!! (I'm hungry now...although I see a glimpse of BROWNIES, perhaps, on the main blog page, just at the very bottom of where I ended. And I gotta yummy as these blueberry bars look--and oh-so purty on Gma's pretty plate =)--you know me: BROWNIES!!! ;o))

Hope you're in a better mood today! Mwa!

Crash Course Widow said...

Though I'm obviously a moron. I didn't read your words at the very beginning of the post very closely, and knowing your love affair with the wee blue berries, I assumed the bars were blueberry...but I thought they were oddly pinkish-red blueberries, even as I scrolled through the pics.

I AM A MORON!! (It's just been THAT kind of day for me, I gotta say. My alarm never went off this morning and I woke up 2 hours late for going into work, and I've just been OFF all day ever since! Kept forgetting the dumbest things--like my lunch (remembered only as I started backing out of the driveway), or putting a stamp on my overdue bill (remembered only as I was getting INTO the car)--and almost driving the wrong way to work. Curses!!)

So scratch the blueberries thing. CHERRY. Duh. ;oP

Anonymous said...

yum this looks so good, I have a plate the same as that one and the same make I love it