Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Not-So-Sweet Heat

I am grumpy again, and this time I can't do any therapeutic baking to make me feel better.

Why not, you ask?


I can't use the oven when it's really hot outside. I do (THANK GOODNESS) have air conditioning, but it's still rather warm in my house. And to use the oven would just make it warmer.

And there is NO WAY I would do anything to contribute to the rising temperature in this house! Look how warm it is outside:

too hot

yes, that is quite hot, isn't it?

Yeah, I'd be crazy to do anything right now but sit around the house. Naked. Ok, not naked. But as close to it as possible!! Hahaha! It's really hot, people!

Ok, enough whining. I am very thankful that I have central air and that I do not have to do anything outdoors. I saw a tow truck on the parkway today on my way home from work and I felt so bad for the driver. He already had a big ol' Chevy on his truck, and he was hitching up a motor home. Woof, that's rough. The parkway, with its asphalt and car motors, is SO stinkin' hot. And there was that poor guy, working so hard, so swiftly, to get his job done and get the broken down vehicle(s?) out of the line of traffic. I hope he gets to go swimming when he's off work tonight. :)

I also hope that wherever you are, dear readers, you are keeping cool and comfortable. :)

PS That thermometer is from my grandma's house. It's something I remember clearly from my childhood, so when I saw it I knew I had to have it. :)


Elizabeth said...

Hey didn't realize you had this blog too. Fun! I've noticed that you guys are getting hit pretty hard up there with the heat! for once it is pretty nice here in Califonia, only in the 70's!That is so rare for this time of year,and it is suppose to be this way for at least a week! JOY!!

Bobby said...

that's hot! we had that last summer and the state combusted!
i love the thermometer, it's beautiful.

Mom Wald said...

Whooooaaah! No wonder you don't like summer. You don't get green, you get fried to a crisp. Make a note,"move out of desert".

Wow...yep, wow.

JigsawJones said...

Wow. I thought it was hot in Texas. Where do you live??