Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Morning Glory Story

I love morning glories.

I mean, I loooooove morning glories! Really and truly. So I thought it would be nice to try to grow some this year. After all, that's what one does when one loves morning glories, right?

So, I planted some seeds in early Spring. Little by little, they sprouted. Eventually, they were potted. And then they grew. And grew. And grew some more.

But--they haven't bloomed yet. There are tons of buds on the leafy vines, including a few that are this close to blooming. Or so I thought. Turns out, they are taking their own sweet time to bloom!

Here's an example. This pic was taken three days ago, on July 4th.

a watched pot...

And here's the same flower-to-be. I took this pic this evening, just a few hours ago:

bloom already!

Some progress has been made, but not as much as my impatient little self would like.

come on and bloom, please

Does that look blue to you? It looks pink to me. The seed packet says blue. Hmmmm...

At least I have a plethora of other pretty things to look at while I'm waiting for my beloved morning glory to bloom...

lookin' up

purple wave

i forgot the name of this flower


purty 2

the sky's the limit

hey there, yellow ladybug

...including sweet little ladybugs. :)


barncat said...

Oh my goodness! Your flowers are beautiful! Have you checked your morning glories in the morning? The kind we have close back up during the day, but open again each morning. Beautiful photos!

Kristi said...

Thank you, barncat. :)

Oh yes, I check them (somewhat obsessively!) every single morning...including today. No change! Argh! ;)

Crash Course Widow said...

Yea, yea, yea!! New pics from Kristi! I love your needlework, of course (even though I don't understand a stitch of it to save my life ;o)), but it's fun seeing nonstitchy photos from you again! I was sad when your Flickr offerings had to dwindle some when you went back to work full(er) time last year. So yea, yea, YEA for a new blog and new reasons to write lovely, rather random words, and take lovely pictures. Yea, us! ;o)

I don't get the morning glory thing, though. But that's mostly because I have the WEED VARIETY OF IT TAKING OVER MY YARD!!! Argh!! It's going EVERYWHERE, and I'm not pleased. Okay, okay, the flowers are pretty, but could it just have a little bit of self-control? Hmm? Pretty please? And if it chokes and kills the forsythia bush my dad and I moved in late April (when we cleared and prepped the area for Anna's play structure), I will NOT be happy. Harrumph.

But yours were very pretty, m'dear...even as just vines and tendrils. And your flowers looked AWESOME too! (My one basket, on the other hand, looks VERY sad these days. Oops. I don't usually kill plants and flowers but...well...it's been an off year/season, apparently. ;o)) I'm just glad I got to see the flowers in person myself instead of just enjoying the pretty pics of them. ;o)

Miss you! =)